Books and More


CMWJFaith Forward, Volume 2:
Re-Imagining Children’s and Youth Ministry

Edited with Melvin Bray
Foreword by Jennifer Knapp
CopperHouse, 2015



CMWJChildren’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus
With Ivy Beckwith
Foreword by John H. Westerhoff, III
InterVarsity, 2013



Faith Forward:Faith Forward cover
A Dialogue on Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity
 Edited with Melvin Bray
Foreword by Shane Claiborne
CopperHouse, 2013


Children’s Ministry that Fits:
Beyond One-Sized-Fits-All Approaches to Nurturing Children’s Spirituality
Foreword by Joyce E. Bellous
Afterword by Brian D. McLaren
Wipf and Stock, 2011




 Essays, Articles, and Other Resources

“A Little Child Shall Lead Them.” Sojourners 45, no. 5 (2016): 26-9.

“Wired that Way.” Advocate: The Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (29 February, 2016).

“Small but Mighty.” Childrenswork 1, no. 20 (2015): 18-20.

“Better Together: The Formative Power of Intergenerational Community,” with Ivy Beckwith. Journal of Family and Community Ministries 28 (2015).

“Raising Thomas: Questions and Doubts as Catalysts for Faith Formation in Children and Youth,” with Ivy Beckwith. Journal of Family and Community Ministries 27 (2014).

“In the Adventure: Nurturing a Spirit of Interculturalism through Ministry with Children.” In Exploring and Engaging Spirituality for Today’s Children: A Holistic Approach, edited by La Verne Tolbert. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2014.

“Doing Children’s Ministry Differently,” with Ivy Beckwith. Lifelong Faith 7, no. 4 (2013): 42-6.

“‘What Shall I Say to Them?’ Messages about War and Peace in a Mennonite Children’s Periodical During World War II.” Journal of Mennonite Studies 31 (2013): 11-13.

Breaking the Bubble Wrap,” co-authored with Brian D. McLaren. Sojourners 41, no. 7, (July 2012), 16-22.

“What’s in a Name? Forming the Identity of Children through Christian Naming Ceremonies.” In Understanding Children’s Spirituality: Theology, Research, and Practices, edited by Donald Ratcliff and Kevin Lawson. Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2012.

Csinos, David M. “To Form as We are Formed: Children’s Ministry as Mutual Discipleship.” In Nexus: Central Themes in Children’s Ministry. What Matters Now, 2012.

Csinos, David M. “Presence.” In What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry: Early Childhood Edition: 21 Perspectives on Influencing Faith from Birth to Age 4, edited by Jill Crew and Amy Dolan, 32-33. Chicago: WMNCM, 2011.

“Children in the Church: How Do We Welcome Them?” Faith Today (Jan-Feb, 2011), 18-22.

“Four Ways of Knowing God: Exploring Children’s Spiritual Styles.” Journal of Childhood and Religion 1:8 (2010), 1-32.

“But Why? The Vital Role of Asking Questions when God Speaks to Us.” In Part (Fall, 2010), 6-9.

“Saturated Spirituality: Creating Environments that Nurture All Children.” Lifelong Faith 4:3 (Autumn 2010), 3-15.

“Where are the Children? Keeping Sight of Young Disciples in the Emerging Church Movement,” co-authored with Daniel L. Jennings, Brian D. McLaren, and Karen Marie Yust. Family and Community Ministries: Empowering Through Faith  23:4 (2010), 10-21.

“Questioning the ‘Right’ Answers: Faith Formation in the Postmodern Matrix.” In Shaped by God: Twelve Essentials for Nurturing Faith in Children, Youth, and Adults, edited by Robert J. Keeley, pp. 153-164. Grand Rapids: Faith Alive Christian Resources, 2010.

“What to do with Postmodernism?” Canadian Mennonite 14:9 (2010), 14.

Will Boys be Boys and Girls be Girls? Subverting Gender Stereotypes through Ministry with Children.” Priscilla Papers 24:2 (Spring 2010), 23-28. (This article first appeared in the Spring 2010 issue of Priscilla Papers (, which is available for purchase from CBE’s bookstore.)

“‘Come, Follow Me:’ Apprenticeship in Jesus’ Approach to Education. Religious Education 105:1 (Jan-Feb 2010), 45-62.

“Spiritual Styles: Creating an Environment to Nurture Spiritual Wholeness,” co-authored with Joyce E. Bellous. International Journal of Children’s Spirituality 14:3 (Jul-Sep 2009), 213-224.

Spiritual Styles: Assessing What Really Matters, co-authored with Joyce E. Bellous and Denise A. Peltomaki. Edmonton: Tall Pine Press, 2009.

Spiritual Styles–Children’s Version: Assessing What Really Matters, co-authored with Joyce E. Bellous and Denise A. Peltomaki. Edmonton: Tall Pine Press, 2009.

Building a Strong Foundation: Biblical Equality and Ministry with Children.” Mutuality: The Voice of Christians for Biblical Equality 15:3, “Children of God,” (Autumn 2008), 7-9. (This article first appeared in the Autumn 2008 issue of Mutuality (, which is available for purchase from CBE’s bookstore.)

The Biblical Theme of Welcoming Children.” McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry 8 (2007), 97-117.

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