What this blog is all about

As you can see from the last post, I’ve finally decided to start posting things on this blog. After being sick and tired of not having my voice heard, I’ve finally decided to hop on the blogwagon and use this medium to get the message out. This blog serves as a way for me to share my ideas and opinions with others who care for children and want to see the church (and world) to likewise. All are welcome to check this blog out and post comments and ideas related to children, advocacy, the church, God, spirituality, scholarship, justice, and a whole myriad of other related fields of inquiry.

Advocating for children is so vital to the work of the kingdom of God. After all, the kingdom belongs to such as these.

Another one bites the dust

A few weeks ago, I started a new contract job as the director of a summer camp. I was really looking forward to influencing some children and youth with the values and vision of the kingdom. But it was not meant to be. Due to low enrollment, it looks like the board at the church will be pulling the plug on this camp. I know that the camp is just another program and its end is not at all an end to the kingdom. But I cannot help think about what this demonstrates about children’s ministry. Does anyone care about the children?

A friend of mine, Scottie May (professor at Wheaton College) was scheduled to teach a course of children’s ministry at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto last January. Unfortunately, like my camp, it was cancelled due to low enrollment. The same thing happened at a local Bible College. What is happening? While the scholarly study of children’s spirituality is rapidly growing, church leaders have yet to recognize the immense value of children. We need to change this.

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