Belonging and Becoming

For the past few years I have been looking forward to Mark and Lisa Scandrette’s new book Belonging and Becoming: Creating a Thriving Family Culture. If you were at Faith Forward in 2015,  you would’ve had the privilege of hearing them share some of the stories and ideas they offer in this book. I’m honoured that they asked me to write an endorsement:

For the past two decades, Mark and Lisa Scandrette have been at the leading edge of creative faith practices and community engagement all while nurturing a family life that models the way of Jesus. At last they have put these passions together in a book that’s sure to be a go-to resource for families of all kinds seeking to grow one another up into wise, engaged, and faith-filled disciples. By sharing their best family practices and providing tools to help readers create their own, the Scandrettes have created a resource that’s sure to evoke deep refection and thoughtful practices for a family life of faith.


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