Faith Forward 2016 to be the most diverse yet!

Looking for a place where you can explore deep questions about ministry with youth and children while having your spirit restored through practices and conversations with a diverse range of colleagues?

You’ll find this (and more!) at Faith Forward 2016, April 18-21 in Chicago!

FF 2016 speakers banner

This year’s speakers and artists include a broad spectrum of thinkers and leaders from North America and beyond! Contributors include

  • Nichole Flores
  • Fr. James Alison
  • Rev. Otis Moss III
  • Lisa Sharon Harper
  • Audrey Assad
  • Soong-Chan Rah
  • Melvin Bray
  • Lucy Moore
  • Danielle Shroyer
  • Daniel White Hodge
  • Amy Bulter
  • Dave Csinos
  • and many others

We’ll be having another Open Space session, which opens the floor to anyone and everyone who has an idea, resource, or practice they’d like to share. So come with your questions, concerns, and hopes. And come prepared to be part of the revolution in ministry with children and youth!

Join us as we re-imagine church from the ground up!


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