A reader in the UK writes…

While at Faith Forward 2015 in Chicago, Ivy Beckwith and I both signed a copy of Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus for someone to take home to a friend. Here’s some words about his friend and this impact the book has had on his life:

This photo is quite significant because it was his copy of children’s ministry in the way of Jesus that he leant to me for my studies at university months back. I have now returned it to him with a few pen marks in the font! I was so inspired by the book that I decided to write my dissertation on children’s spirituality and reference a large amount of your insights on my writings. Not only that but it was your book that lead me to attend Faith Forward in April. This story is special to me and I just wanted to encourage you and share an example of how your work has impacted little old me. Thank you for the story so far!


I’m continually humbled by how far-reaching Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus has become. It’s already a common textbook in seminary courses and I know of some congregational Christian Education teams that are doing a group study of the book. If you’re looking for fresh approaches to nurturing faith in children, then this is the book for you.

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