Celebrating Jenny, Celebrating First Baptist Church Halifax

On Sunday, Oct 26, First Baptist Church Halifax inducted my wife Jenny as their first Minister of Faith Development. It was a tremendous celebration for this congregation and for us. FBCH had spent two years exploring what it means to do faith formation, figuring out what they need in a minister in this role, and searching for the right person. And as they were doing this, Jenny was on a quest for a church that fit with her gifts and values. And God brought them together.

It was great to spend the weekend celebrating Jenny and this church, and we were joined by our friend Melvin Bray, who was the guest speaker at the induction service. Melvin spoke about the Jairus’ daughter and the hemorrhaging woman from the Gospel of Mark. His message challenged the church to view faith formation as for all people–those in the church and those who are beyond the walls of that church–and by all people. He called the church to take the vows of commitment with Jenny, vows to be agents of good in the church and in their city, infiltrating the world with the love of God. His message is definitely worth a listen. You can hear it here.





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