Passing on the Faith – a skit

Wendy Janzen, a Mennonite pastor in Ontario, recently wrote a skit based on an article I wrote for last autumn. I love the way she puts flesh on the ideas through this skit.


Passing Down the Faith, by Wendy Janzen 

Chip:      Hey, Levi, I brought something home for you.

Levi:       (excited) What is it?!

Chip:      (pulls out a wrapped box) Something very special.

Levi:       Awesome! (reaches for it)

Chip:     (pulls box back) Hold on just a second. This is very valuable. It was passed on to me from my parents, and they got it from their parents.

Levi:      Cool. Can I see it now?

Chip:     Well, are you sure you will be careful with it? I wouldn’t want anything to happen to it.

Levi:      Yes, Dad, I’ll be careful.

Chip:     OK. I just want you to know how important it is to me. Here you go. Be careful with it! (Carefully passes the box to Levi, in the process revealing a LEGO building with the word “FAITH” built into it.)

Levi:      Cool! This is great! Can I play with it?

Chip:     NO!!! I told you we need to be careful with it. I don’t want you to break it.

Levi:      But Dad…

Chip:     I’m not sure… maybe you’re not mature enough for it yet…

Levi:      But Dad, it’s really awesome. I’d just really like to get my hands on it and see what I can do with it.

Chip:     I don’t know… This is exactly the way it was when it was passed on to me. Maybe we should just put it up on a shelf and look at it so that it stays nice and intact. You just don’t know what might happen to it if you mess with it. It’s probably best left to the adults, anyways.


Leader: Cut! Something is wrong with this picture. Let’s try this over again:


Chip:      Hey, Levi, I brought something home for you.

Levi:       (excited) What is it?!

Chip:     (pulls out clear Ziploc bag filled with loose LEGO pieces with the word “FAITH” written on the bag) Something very special.

Levi:       Awesome! (reaches for it and takes it as Chip offers it to him)

Chip:     Yeah, it is awesome. It’s something that I really love, and I want you to love too. Take a look.

Levi:      (Opens the package) Wow, cool! What all can it do?

Chip:     It is amazing the creative things it can inspire, and I’m still learning how it shapes my life. Let’s explore it together.

2 thoughts on “Passing on the Faith – a skit”

  1. How would our church’s drama team get permission to use Wendy Janzen’s skit (as is or as a basis for an altered, longer skit) for a church service in June?

    1. I’m so glad you’d like to use this skit at your church! I’m happy to get in touch with her and ask her to email you with permission. Shall I go ahead and do that?

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