Faith Forward and ChurchNext team up for free worldwide class april 7-14

I’m excited to be part of this fantastic (and FREE) class – but it’s only free April 7-14, so sign up at today at

Will our children have faith? And how can parents, educators, and clergy help get them there? 4 dynamic children’s and youth ministry experts tackle these questions in this introspective course that will help you learn, and preview the 2014 Faith Forward gathering.

Take this course with a class of ChurchNext students from around the world. Registration includes:

  • Free 24/7 access for one week to all video lectures, downloads, and course content.
  • Video lectures with Dave Csinos, Ivy Beckwith, Melvin Bray, and Danielle Shroyer
  • Downloadable Discussion Questions for groups and The Takeaway, for personal study.
  • Interaction with other students through discussion questions and sharing notes.
  • You can register for this class beginning March 17. You may take the class anytime between April 7-14 for free

In this class, 4 keynote speakers who will be appearing at the 2014 Faith Forward gathering, entitled ‘Reimagining Children’s and Youth Ministry through Theology, Story, and Rhythm,’ share their insights into what this reimagining should look like. Lessons include:

  • Where Are We? with Dave Csinos
  • Reimagining: Theology with Ivy Beckwith
  • Reimagining: Story with Marvin Bray
  • Reimagining: Rhythm with Danielle Shroyer


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