No More Mr. Nice Jesus?

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live showed a 2-minute mock trailer for DJesus Uncrossed, a Tarantino-esque movie that thankfully is just a joke! It’s strangely reminiscent of the Gandhi 2 trailer from the Weird Al movie, UHF (a classic!).

While the DJesus Uncrossed trailer is meant to be funny, it’s carries a serious message that too many folks think is real–the peacemaking Jesus coming back with a vengeance. If this fake movie ever really existed, we’d never show it in Sunday school. But in subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways, churches continue to teach children that Jesus may have said ‘turn the other cheek’ during his first sojourn on earth, but when he comes back he’s bringing fire and brimstone. But this isn’t the Jesus I know. And this isn’t the type of faith I was to nurture in young people. I don’t want to nurture a turn or burn faith. I want to nurture a faith that is loving and humble. I don’t want to nurture a faith that makes room for revenge. I want to nurture a faith that makes room for going the extra mile.  And so DJesus Uncrossed may make me laugh, but it presses me on in my mission to cultivate a generation of young disciples who don’t go around “killing Ro-mans,” but who make peace and seek justice.

2 thoughts on “No More Mr. Nice Jesus?”

  1. This is interesting, I had not seen the trailer. I would be interested in hearing your take on The Bible series currently airing on the History Channel on Sunday nights. A blog post maybe? Or maybe you’ve already written about it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I actually haven’t been watching The Bible series for the simple reason that I do not have cable or satellite. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this show and I’m sure there are some other great blogs out there that have offered thoughtful responses to this series.

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