God’s Big Story Cards

I recently discovered a resource that Faith Alive Christian Resources has created as part of their Dwell curriculum. God’s Big Story cards are 165 cards that go through the Bible step by step in ways that allow children and families to engage the story in personal ways. This resource is ecumenical in that it doesn’t push any particular theological perspective, but encourages children to make their own connections, to ask wondering questions, and to live into God’s story.

On the front of each card one will find a Bible passage and a simple image associated with the passage. The back includes six different activites, each of which has a particular colour that corresponds with it: retell (telling the story in your own words), wonder (questions that make you think), pray (practicing prayer in many ways), praise (making joyful noises to God together through pictures, cheers, and using the imagination), share (conversation starters), and respond (practical ways to learn more and get involved in what God’s doing in the world).

Here’s how it works. (1) select a card, (2) read the story from any Bible translation you’d like, (3) roll the six-coloured die, (4) do the activity associated with the colour on the die.

It’s simple and fun yet it can help children, small groups, and families dig deeper into God’s story and help make it their story. Great for young families, small groups of children, Sunday school classes, children’s liturgy groups, and more! Whether you’re using Dwell curriculum or not, this is a fantastic tool for families, kids, and junior high students.

Check out this resource at http://www.faithaliveresources.org/Products/037040/gods-big-story-cards.aspx

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