Six-Year-Olds Ask Questions About God

Take a look at this short–but worthwhile–article by Simon Shutt. He asked young children to share questions they had about God.

Here’s a quote:

Those who have worked with children will instantly realise that these are not the questions that are important to a six-year-old, nor was it about having the answer or even an answer. It was about allowing the questions to be voiced, acknowledged and considered. The rules were simple, they could ask anything about God but I might say I didn’t know. The value of these times is in bringing into the open deep thoughts and questions about God that often haven’t been formulated into a one sentence enquiry before. As this is done so their presuppositions about God were revealed. The children were very happy to accept that God existed and that He could be everywhere, all the time, all at once. This concept was hard to visualise but fine to be believed. The issues for these children were based around how they could visualise God and understand His beginning.

The importance of welcoming questions from children is something that Ivy Beckwith and I discuss in an upcoming publication (stay tuned for more details), so I loved reading about how Simon reflected on his experience with encouraging children to ask questions.

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