Resources for Christian Leaders

After a brief hiatus, the journal Family and Community Ministries has re-launched online. Published by Baylor University’s Truett Seminary and School of Social Work, this journal offers resources for Christian leaders in many different areas. Check out the first online issue at In particular, take a look at Diana Garland’s article, “Christian Families Serving Together: A Review of the Research.”

If you’re interested in submitting some writing to Family and Community Ministries, read the submission guide here.

Another fantastic journal is Lifelong Faith. This resource just moved from print to digital and an article I co-authored with Brian McLaren, Dan Jennings, and Karen Marie Yust was reprinted in the first digital issue.

Have a resource worth sharing? Let others know about it by commenting on this post.

One thought on “Resources for Christian Leaders”

  1. Thanks for raising this discussion, Dave. Finding good language to talk about the ineffable is a challenge at any age, but these 6 year olds seem to do well at believing what they can’t describe.

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