Nadia Bolz Weber on Jesus Welcoming Children

If you haven’t read it already, take a look at Nadia Bolz Weber’s latest sermon, which she just posted on her website. She offers an important perspective of the well-known and highly-romanticized passage of Jesus welcoming the children.

Here’s a quote:

But the thing that really broke my heart this week was not an exhortation to welcome children or other equally annoying people. What broke my heart wasn’t the idea of being in the place of the disciples and learning that lesson what broke my hearts was thinking of myself in the place of that child.  What if the child is a stand-in for us?…

…A useless child who has dried snot wiped across her unwashed face.  A child who can’t actually understand Jesus’ teaching at all, who has nothing to offer, who no one else wants around, who no one else even notices is there. A child who has zero ability to make herself worthy.  What if I believed that these are the parts of me that Jesus folds into his arms and says welcome. Because that changes everything.

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