Calenthia Dowdy on Churches and Gangs

Calenthia Dowdy’s not a fan of church. But in this post she shows what church can be at its best:

Here’s a quote:

“People who know me well know that I am not a fan of church. In fact I’m quite the cynic when it comes to traditional ways of doing church. That cynicism comes from lived experience, not from theory. I like church in the “we are the body of Christ” kind of way but it’s all the institutional stuff that kills my spirit. My adult life has been plagued with unhappy church experiences. I admit that sometimes it’s me. I am the problem. However, many times it’s simply church. Whether it was sexism and male dominance and my refusal to comply, or racism and white power, and my refusal to comply, or some mono-cultural dominance, and my refusal to comply… power in some form is abused all over the place in the name of God. And I guess I’m not very good at compliance. I am not perfect but I do have questions and comments and critiques that have frequently annoyed others. As a result, I don’t have many churchy type friends… but ok, I can live with that. Sometimes church feels like a gang… you know, people who beat you up and beat you down, especially when you don’t agree with them or conform to them.

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