Reflections on CYNKC

I’m still digesting all the wonderful conversations and ideas that were shared at CYNKC last week. The responses to the conference have been overwhelming. I was honoured that so many speakers, attendees, and sponsors from all sorts of denominations, countries, and contexts came together in DC for four days of intentional reflection about ministry with children and youth. I was particularly surprised at how many folks from denominations attended–Mennonites, Episcopals, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Catholics, and more. It sparked hope in me for the future of denominations. Some people say that the church is post-denominational. But the sheer enthusiasm of folks from denominations as they attempt to move forward within their respective traditions has reminded me that denominations aren’t dead. In fact, they’re very much alive.

A few other people have been blogging and reflecting on CYNKC:

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