365 Days of Children’s Ministry that Fits

My first book, Children’s Ministry that Fits, was released one year ago today. Over the past year the book’s sales have exceeded my expectations (thanks to readers like you!) and I have been honoured and humbled by positive reviews of the book that have appeared in academic journals and magazines for a broader readership. As I take time to celebrate today, I’d like to share what others have said about the book:

“This text presents and important message for churches: value your children! It not only inspires a fresh understanding of children, it also gently proposes a new method of ministry.”
—International Journal of Children’s Spirituality

“I would encourage everyone who engages in leading worship, for whatever age, to read and note the contents of this book. . . . Readers will discover much to challenge and inspire in the agenda that Csinos has set out so clearly in this book.”
—Ronni Lamont, writer, trainer, Anglican priest; Kent, England

“However it is used, this book does offer another prophetic voice speaking strongly to the importance of listening to children.”
—Journal of Childhood and Religion

“Dave Csinos’ work provides a foundational resource for those wanting to engage in intentional and faithful ministry with children. . . . Csinos’ foundational insight into children’s faith and spiritual styles provides helpful information for all faith traditions that seek to join in ministry with children, providing a space for the spiritual flourishing of children.”
—Religious Education Journal

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