A Conversation

I mentioned not long ago that I’ve been reading Conversations with Poppi about God, which contains conversations between an eight-year-old girl and her grandfather, who happens to be a Lutheran theologian. I’m finding so much wisdom in this book, especially from the perspective of Solveig, the little girl. Just read this excerpt from pages 73 and 74 to see what I mean:

Poppi: Could God make two and two equal five?

Solveig: He couldn’t, but . . . Okay, here’s the thing. When mathematics were started, two plus two always equalled four, so . . . as we were talking about before, that God makes things happen but he doesn’t know when it’s going to happen or how it’s going to happen, so he knew that two plus two was probably going to equal for.

P: Probably or certainly?

S: Certainly.

P: Okay.

S: So if two plus two equals four, then he can’t just change it to two plus two equals five. He can’t change his mind. Or he can change his mind, but he can’t make us change his mind.

P: This is an interesting theological question to which you gave a very interesting answer. You might call it a judicious answer. What God knows is true. You can say that?

S: Right.

P: But does God know it because it is true or is it true because God knows it?

S: Both.

P: Why?

S: Two plus two is four is true because god knows it, and he knows it because it is true. I was putting it the opposite way because if God knows it is true because it is true, he knows that it is true because it is true. But he also knows that it is true because he knows it.

P: Okay. I think that is probably right, and that is the most judicious answer.

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