Rick’s Rant

This week’s Rick Mercer Report (a Canadian television show) featured a rant by Mercer about young people, bullying, and suicide, specifically about bullying gay and lesbian young people. Now, I know that sexual orientation is an incredibly divisive issue in the church, but I think most people can agree that any child who is bullied to the point of taking their own life is wrong, regardless of whether that child was gay or not. Children need role models who respect and celebrate the wonderful diversity that God created into this world, not those who deride and mock people who are different from the norm.

Watch Rick’s rant at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh1jNAZHKIw and remember: “It’s no longer good enough for us to tell kids who are different that it’s going to get better. We have to make it better now.”

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