Leaders, Writers, Ministers Endorse CYNKC

“I’m asked to speak at far more conferences and gatherings than I can say yes to. But this is the kind of gathering I would want to attend as an attendee. I’ve been saying again and again that we need a creative revolution in spiritual formation and Christian education for children and youth, and this is the gathering that I think will bring the right people together. (Especially if you come!) I’m eager not only to engage in important dialogue at the event, but also to meet the kinds of people who can carry on needed creative collaboration in the years ahead.”
Brian McLaren, author, speaker, activist (brianmclaren.net)

“The exciting ministry provided by Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity embodies the teaching of Jesus Christ in a new and refreshing way. The next generation is encouraged to see, appreciate and embrace other children of God as equals—all made in the image of God. One of the most exciting aspects of the CYNKC ministry is its incarnated truth that being different does not mean being deficient! God makes every person different—just as God makes every snowflake different. All are precious in God’s sight.”
-Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., Pastor Emeritus, Trinity United Church of Christ

“Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with some of the most influential thinkers, writers, and practitioners in the world of children’s and youth ministry. Together we can begin to discern how best to serve and empower this and future generations.”
-Mary Hawes, National Children’s Advisor, Church of England

“Looking for something fresh and thought provoking in children’s and youth ministry? Then this conference should be your top priority in 2012.”
-Ivy Beckwith, Director for Educational Ministries, Rutgers Presbyterian Church

“You might be thinking, ‘well of course he’s endorsing CYNKC: he’s a contributor!’ but it’s not just that. I’ve been working with younger people for a good 20 years now, during which time one reality has presented itself as relatively indisputable: our best efforts en masse haven’t worked.  Those who do practice the way of Jesus seem to do so despite—not by virtue of—religious training. We’ve missed the mark of passing along a sustainably transformative faith that even vaguely resembles the others-interested ethic of scripture. CYNKC are a group of people taking that missed opportunity seriously, and that’s the best endorsement I could make of any professly Christian endeavour.”
-Melvin Bray, father, husband, author, speaker

“A new generation needs to emerge that has a passionate vision for making the Kingdom of God a reality in this world. Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity is a major attempt to foster that generation. It promises to give hope to a church and a world that need renewal.”
Tony Campolo, PhD, Eastern University, St. Davids , Pennsylvania

Register today at www.children-youth.com/register

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