Bullying: Not Just a Children’s Problem

In children’s ministry and education, bullying is a common subject. And it should be. Bullying is hurtful, unChristian, and leaves scars on young people that can last for many years. When I was in elementary school, I was bullied by a few kids in my grade who will remain nameless. The taunting, name-calling, and humiliation often resulted in tears, damaged self-worth, and periods of friendlessness.

But bullying isn’t just for children. Bullies grow up. And bullies don’t stop bullying simply because they’ve hit puberty or graduated from high school. I’ve been struck by the blows of adult bullies, as have members of my family and a number of my friends. But I’ve rarely heard anyone talking seriously about bullying in adulthood.

Luckily, Rachel Held Evans is standing up to one bully whose playground is quite large. Read what she has to say about Mark Driscoll at http://rachelheldevans.com/mark-driscoll-bully. Her words remind me that bullying needs to be dealt with more seriously in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. It’s a life-long problem. Let’s take our cues from  her and say to no to bullies.

One thought on “Bullying: Not Just a Children’s Problem”

  1. People of influence especially ministry leaders need to be held accountable when their actions are wrong. If following Biblical means of confronting are stonewalled does that mean one just let’s this situation go? How can we stand by and allow it? It happens. Because we are taught to touch not the Lord’s anointed which in this case is a misapplication of scripture, an excuse for those who know something is wrong but for selfish reasons fail God by not addressing abuse of position in a godly manner. I have personally seen this and a happened to me as a volunteer. There was nowhere to turn. I knew I would not be heard because the circle of negative influence of self righteous people is so tight. They work stealthily as a well oils machine as they have mastered the skill of treating those who don’t fit or are vulnerable as if they are garbage. And what baffles me to my core is the fact that leaders who bully seem oblivious to the fact that God is watching. Satan is all about thus vey thing and if we as a family of believers continue to allow it from the top down then we are guilty of spiritual murder my 2 cents

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