For the Beauty of the Earth

Some readers of my new book, Children’s Ministry that Fits, have said that it comes through in my writing that my spiritual life is dominated by a love of the symbolic beauty of the natural world. I try to maintain a spirituality balanced by words, emotion, symbols, and action (see the book for more info about what this means), but I cannot deny that symbolism is a primary means for how I sense God’s presence–and symbolism through nature is vital for me.

Perhaps this is why, when my wife and I were considering where to travel in celebration of our 5th wedding anniversay, I suggested Newfoundland. The culture, lifestyle, music, and rich history of the island has always appealed to me and it’s been a trip I’ve wanted to take since I was about 12 or 13. But one of the most stunning features of the island is its immense and natural beauty–in many places untouched by human hands. It echoes the creative power of God.

So, next time you’re planning a vacation with the kids, don’t just stock up on Disneyland brochures. Check out a place that is, according to some tourism posters, “about as far away from Disneyland as you can possibly get.”

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