WMNCM Video Edition – Community – Liz Perraud

I think Liz Perraud’s What Matters Now video about community is a message we can’t hear enough. Children need to be part of the community. But how often does this really happen? How often do faith communities actually invite children to be authentic, contributing members? My guess is not too often. In fact, about two decades ago, the United Church of Canada developed a plan for including children in their congregations (called A Place for You), but it wasn’t put into practice very much. Apparently, some ministers in the United Church thought that including children in the community was more radical than including members of the LGBTQ community. I tend to think that this is true…

Liz is right. Children engage in formation through learning and practicing the faith in communities. She uses the metaphor of a athlete to talk about how both learning and practice in communities are vital to development and growth. However, I tend to see these two elements–learning and practice–as simultaneous events. Children don’t necessarily learn, then practice, then learn, then practice. They can learn as they practice and practice as they learn. This is why it’s so vital for children to be a part of faith communities. They can’t practice if they aren’t part of communities of practice. And learning is stunted without practice. So, let’s take Liz’s advice and ask a few vital questions about our  ministries with children: “Where and how and when will you find opportunities for helping your children and those in the community learn and practice their faith? And where will the community play into that?”

One thought on “WMNCM Video Edition – Community – Liz Perraud”

  1. Thanks for the “amen” Dave! I am REALLY looking forward to your research (and conclusions) about children in the emerging churches. I’d love to be part of that conversation.

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