Book Endorsements

Here’s what some folks have had to say about my forthcoming book.

“[Dave’s] book is a significant part of an informed, mature, reasoned, intentional, wise response to the spiritual needs of children . . . Please read this book attentively. In it, you’ll find theoretically sound, useful approaches to teaching and nurturing children so that your educational culture and ministerial context can be a place of inclusion, respect and spiritual conversation that will inform and inspire you, just as much as it welcomes and challenges children to want to be God’s friends.”
from the foreword by Joyce Bellous

“This book makes and important contribution to the revolution in children’s ministry that needs to happen.”
from the afterword by Brian McLaren

“David Csinos gives us practical insights and ideas to move children’s ministry ‘beyond one-size-fits-all’ and fashion our approaches around the lives of children and their emerging spiritual styles. Csinos provides the helpful lens of the four spiritual styles to guide congregations in developing practical strategies and activities that address the spiritual needs of all children. A great resource for all those who care about the spiritual life of children.”
John Roberto, Catholic educator, editor of Lifelong Faith Journal, Lifelong Faith Associates

“David Csinos’ research with rather than just about children honours children’s ways of knowing God and recognizes them as fellow spiritual pilgrims on a journey. Children’s Ministry that Fits will transform the church’s ministry with children and equip the church to move into its unknown but exciting future, the hope-filled future to which I believe Jesus is calling his church. I am greatly encouraged by this new voice in the field of children’s spirituality.”
Elsie Rempel, Director of Christian Nurture, Mennonite Church Canada

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