Back to School Week 2010 – A (late) list of sites

I’ve been spending some time this week catching up on old and half-completed projects. And I noticed that my compiled list of blogs from the “Back to School Week” back in August never got posted. Sorry about this, everyone. So, in the spirit of better-late-than-never (and knowing that children are once again headed back to school in a few weeks), here is a list of blogs that were written as part of Back to School Week (in alphabetical order by author’s name).

Dave Buerstetta, All that I Can’t Leave Unsaid
Back to School Prayer

Dave Csinos, Such as These
Back to School Week
Beginning a Conversation
Communities of Celebration
Connor Doran
Educating Out of Spirituality
First Day of School
A Forum of Ambivalence
The Wisdom of Children

Jan Edmiston, A Church for Starving Artists
The Coolest Adults

Rebecca Keller, Rhubarb
A New Way to Frame Science

Jim Liberatore, Random Musings and Life Lessons

Liz, Grace Rules
It Sure Sounds like a Squirrel

Brian McLaren
Back to School Week: 11 More Minutes of Insight
Back to School Week: Baptism Language
Back to School Week: Educating Kids Out of Spirituality
Back to School Week: Especially for College Students
Back to School Week: High School and Doubts
Back to School Week: Intergenerational Classes
Back to School Week: Introduction
Back to School Week: Key Questions
Back to School Week: School of Love

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