Spiritual Styles Assessments

In anticipation of my forthcoming book, Children’s Ministry that Fits, I want to share a related resource that I developed with some colleagues over the past few years.

Spiritual Styles Assessments for Children and Adults

Spiritual Styles clarify what people focus on as they make meaning of life experiences or carry out daily tasks. Through assessment questions, case studies, and reflection questions, the adult assessment helps people to identify their dominant styles and understand different ways that people express what matters to them. The children’s version enables leaders, teachers, and pastors to plan more effectively to meet children’s needs by identifying their dominant styles in order to create environments that welcome all children.

“I have used the Spiritual Styles assessment in workshops, retreats and seminary classes. It has been a tremendously useful tool for helping students get a new perspective on their own spirituality and also the spirituality of others. The assessment helps students identify ways for further growth in their own lives and also new ways of understanding how to direct others in their spiritual growth.”
            —Lee Beach, Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry, McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario

“I led Spiritual Styles in conferences exploring vocation. Delegates said it was the most helpful tool that they had used in terms of personality and relationships. And knowing my own type has helped me to be comfortable within my working context.”
            —Ronni Lamont, writer, trainer, and Anglican priest, Kent, England

Spiritual Styles are available individually, in packs, or in kits with everything you need to lead groups through the assessment, including an instructional DVD.

Spiritual Styles can be purchased online at www.tallpinepress.com

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