Religious Education Association – Denver

Tomorrow I’m heading to Denver, CO, for the 2010 meeting of the Religious Education Association. I’m looking forward to hearing presentations by Parker Palmer, Joyce Ann Mercer, and Evelyn Parker, among many other insightful and creative religious educators. On Sunday afternoon, I’ll be speaking about the religious and spiritual lives of emerging adults, particularly those in Quebec. While this topic might not be directly about children, today’s emerging adults (roughly 18-29 years old) will be the parents of the next generation of children and youth and their religiosity and spirituality will have much to do with how they raise and pass on belief/nonbelief to their children. This reminds me of the importance of working with children and adults. While my last post was a bit more cynical in my thoughts of focusing on children, we need to have multiple approaches and we need to work with children, youth, adults, and the elderly if we want to positively answer John Westerhoff’s question, “Will our children have faith?”

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