Forthcoming Book

I’ve been working with  my editor to finish up some last-minute changes to my book that should be out in the next six months or so. I’ve got my synopsis together and thought I’d share it:

Children know God. They encounter God in diverse ways as they walk along the spiritual journey. But amidst this diversity, four distinct avenues for connecting with God emerge in the lives of children: word, emotion, symbol, and action. These are the four spiritual styles, broad approaches to spirituality and faith through which children experience God and make sense of their lives in the world around them.

Children’s Ministry that Fits is a guidebook for discovering children’s spiritual styles that blends insightful research, relevant theory, and practical ministry. Drawing from theology, personal experience, and the lives of real children, David M. Csinos offers practical wisdom that will help pastors, parents, and teachers to move beyond one-size-fits-all approaches to children’s ministry and nurture the spiritual lives of children in welcoming and inclusive environments. This book calls for a new vision of children’s ministry—and it invites readers to join in the creation of this vision.

2 thoughts on “Forthcoming Book”

    1. Thanks! The publisher hasn’t set a date for it to be in print, but I’m guessing sometime next spring. If you check back, I’ll be posting more about the book as it get closer to the release date.

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