Beginning a Conversation

Family and Communities Ministries recently published an article about the spiritual formation of children within emerging faith communities that I wrote with Brian McLaren, Dan Jennings, and Karen-Marie Yust. The goal of this article is to launch a conversation about ministry and formation with children in emerging churches. Today, the first day of back to school week among emerging bloggers, I offer this article as a humble invitation to join us in forging the field of emerging children’s and youth ministry. You can read an html version of the article at the journal’s website here or a take a look at a .pdf copy here.

3 thoughts on “Beginning a Conversation”

  1. Great article! Thanks for posting.

    My wife and I are educators and care deeply about students and what we’re teaching them. We have two young children of our own, 5 and 3, and are looking for resources to raise them up in an emergent context. These thoughts/ideas are a good starting point.

    As a family, we celebrate Advent, Lent, and Passover together. Just this last year, our oldest has begun asking the “why” questions — which is exciting and scary all at the same time!

    Looking forward to reading more of what you post. Many blessings!

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