Thoughts on Eucharistic Congress 2008

My mother just finished telling me about the 2008 International Eucharistic Congress that we held in Quebec City two weeks ago. The theme of this conference was “The Eucharist, Gift of God for the Life of the World.” Speakers such as Jean Vanier spoke of the great importance of being the eucharist to the world. Rather than simply taking the Eucharist at Mass, thousands of Catholics from around the world heard powerful messages about the importance of taking the Eucharist to others by working to tear down unjust social systems, raising up the poor and oppressed, and working for the kingdom of God (to use my words). At then end of the week, my mother’s group spontaneously began sharing what they would do with what they heard this week and then they prayed together. What a powerful example of how God is moving in the Roman Catholic Church! It gets me so excited to know that people from many different backgrounds and faith traditions are realizing that we can’t just do church or take the Eurcharist; we must be the church and be the Eucharist to others. This is the life to which God calls us.

To learn more about the 2008 Eucharistic Congress, visit

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