Where I’ll be in one week

Next weekend Jenny and I will be heading to Paris, Ontario for the inaugural Skylight Festival. On Saturday I’ll be leading two workshops, the first on re-imagining faith formation and the second about empowering family faith. If you’re looking for a gathering of folks who love justice, faith, and the arts, then don’t miss this festival!


A reader in the UK writes…

While at Faith Forward 2015 in Chicago, Ivy Beckwith and I both signed a copy of Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus for someone to take home to a friend. Here’s some words about his friend and this impact the book has had on his life:

This photo is quite significant because it was his copy of children’s ministry in the way of Jesus that he leant to me for my studies at university months back. I have now returned it to him with a few pen marks in the font! I was so inspired by the book that I decided to write my dissertation on children’s spirituality and reference a large amount of your insights on my writings. Not only that but it was your book that lead me to attend Faith Forward in April. This story is special to me and I just wanted to encourage you and share an example of how your work has impacted little old me. Thank you for the story so far!


I’m continually humbled by how far-reaching Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus has become. It’s already a common textbook in seminary courses and I know of some congregational Christian Education teams that are doing a group study of the book. If you’re looking for fresh approaches to nurturing faith in children, then this is the book for you.

an anticipated new book

I just finished reading Stephen Ingram’s upcoming book, Organic Student Ministry. If you’re looking for a more contextual and localized approach to youth ministry, you’ve got to read this book. It’s as if Stephen is sitting down with you to help assess your ministry and make appropriate recommendations for real revitalization and growth.

Here’s my “official” endorsement:

Forget the growth hormones! Stephen Ingram calls everyone who cares for young people to get our hands dirty in the organic soil of student ministry. Drawing on years of experience in ministry and consulting, Stephen will help you assess the particularities of your ministry context and determine what to plant and what to prune in order to promote long-term growth and sustainability. This book is required reading for anyone seeking fresh visions for youth ministry.


Featured in Crosslight

I was recently featured in Crosslight, the magazine of the Uniting Church in Australia. The brief article discusses my tour in Australia and some of my observations of my time Down Under.

You can read the article here: http://crosslight.org.au/2015/05/24/dave-csinos-tour/


Happy Canada Day

Here’s a throwback to 1992, when I made a flag to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Canadian confederation. Note the photobomb by my sister…


If you want to join me at Skylight festival at the end of the month, pick up your tickets today to take advantage of their Canada Day sale!

Faith Forward Vol 2 is Noteworthy

I’m honoured that Faith Forward, Volume 2 is featured alongside Walter Brueggemann on Sojourner’s “New and Noteworthy” list. I’ve already heard from readers around the world who have used the ideas and practices in this new collection as they re-imagine ministry with youth and children in their congregations and contexts. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, please do so and join us in a revolution in ministry with young people!

A New Children’s Book

If you’re looking for a new children’s book that helps young people imagine all that God is and may be, then pick up a copy of What Is God? by Olivia Bryan Updegrove. Olivia was kind enough to show me an advance copy at Faith Forward 2015, and I enjoyed reading the whole book recently. It tells of a conversation between a young boy and an old man.

“God is SO big!” the boy jumped suddenly.
“God’s part of the stars, the oceans, and trees! God is in heaven, but God moves around.
In all good things God can be found.
God was there when all things began,
and continues with us ‘til good wins in the end. God lets us choose what is right and is wrong,
but God is beside us as we go along.”

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